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Drunk-Driving Deaths Are No Treat

Grown-up ghouls and little ghosts alike are looking forward to a big Halloween party weekend. This year, since the holiday falls on Sunday night, many Coloradans will take advantage of the entire weekend for revelry. So, before you head out with the masked masses, make some simple plans to avoid the potentially deadly consequences of partying.

On Halloween night in particular, the combo of young pedestrian trick-or-treaters with so many adult party-goers is a double whammy for danger. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2008 58 percent of Halloween night highway fatalities across the nation involved a drunk driver or motorcycle rider with an illegal Blood Alcohol Content.

Now is the time for an ounce of prevention, because there’s no cure for drunk-driving-related deaths. Make 2010 the year you become a real superhero for Halloween! The cape and mask are completely optional while you help save so many lives.

Being the designated driver can take a heroic effort as you may feel like the odd man out. But any awkwardness from being the only one sober at a party is more than overshadowed by the horrible realization that you could have prevented a drunk-driving accident and you chose to drink with the crowd. Just put on the old-timey costume of a 1800’s teetotaler and look after your friends for once. Scribble an “x” on each of your hands and tell everybody you’re dressed up as a straight edge. Wear a black turtleneck and tell everybody you’re Steve Jobs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to famous non-drinkers.

If you’re not going out, but hosting a party instead, treat your guests to a safe ride home. Before your pour that first drink, make arrangements for non-drinking friends to drive others home. Be sure to have plenty of taxi service phone numbers next to the phone, or hire a driver in advance. Colorado Springs, like many metropolitan areas, supports a designated driver service to get cars and their owners home together and safely. Visit the National Directory of Designated Drivers to see who provides a designated driving service in your area.