Negligent drivers pose danger to others

Driving Sleepy Means Driving Towards a Car Accident

There’s lots to be attentive to on Front Range roadways. We all know the familiar no-nos. Drinking and driving, taking drugs and driving, even being distracted with a cell phone and driving are things conscientious drivers just don’t do. You’ve never been in a car accident; you’re a good driver!

Like most of the country, Colorado Springs just went off Daylight Savings Time. And though we’ve got more light when we begin the day, most of us are now driving home from work in the dark. It feels like the work day ends later, and the drive home seems longer. Now is the season when we all just want to hibernate.



Regardless of the time of year, though, more than half of American drivers admit to not getting enough sleep at night. According to The National Sleep Foundation, 28% of us say we have actually fallen asleep at the wheel. And since more than half of us aren’t sleeping enough, there is no surprise in the fact that more than half of us drive knowing full well that we’re drowsy. You know, falling asleep at the wheel is actually one of those aforementioned no-nos that can cause a car accident.

Sure it’s important to avoid bad habits, just don’t forget to establish good habits before before you take the wheel of a multi-ton motor vehicle. Getting plenty of sleep every night is an important part of car accident prevention. Driving when sleepy is, well, just as deadly as driving drunk, drugged or distracted. The National Sleep Foundation says drowsiness causes slow reaction times and a delayed ability to process information. That sounds like a recipe for a car accident.

There’s no embarrassment in being well-rested. Sleep is good for your health and your beauty. And to top it off, it could save your life! Go to for tips on getting a better night’s sleep when you’re traveling and when you’re at home here in Colorado Springs.