Even Small Resolutions Add Up, Colorado Springs!

Happy New Year!! Welcome, 2011!

Did you already make a New Year’s Resolution? Or maybe two or three? Well, we have some resolutions that you can add to your list, or even adopt as your very own list. (We don’t mind if you steal them. Nobody will tell.)

We can feel a lot of pressure to have our lives all tidied up and re-packaged with a bow on January 1. But sometimes just making small adjustments to our ways of thinking and everyday habits can add up to a year that will be undoubtedly better than the last. We hope you will take these tips to heart and apply them throughout 2011.

New Year’s Resolutions from Heuser & Heuser:

  • I will always wear my seat belt when I’m in an automobile. A seat belt could save my life in a car accident.
  • I will not talk on the phone while driving. Driving deserves my full attention, as do the people with whom I’m conversing.
  • I will not text while driving. Taking my eyes off the road for only a second can lead to a car wreck.
  • I will not eat while driving. Eating shouldn’t be done in a rush. Driving shouldn’t be done while distracted.
  • I will not drink alcohol unless I have a designated driver to deliver me home safely.
  • I will volunteer to be a designated driver for a friend once a month this year.

Adopt one. Adopt them all! Have a peaceful and prosperous New Year!