Colorado workers' compensation laws

Get the Most From Worker’s Comp (Before You Need It)

Did you know that you could reduce your own worker’s compensation benefits just by your own carelessness? By being proactive about your own on-the-job safety habits you can ensure that, should that time ever come, you’ll get all the worker’s comp benefits you deserve.

No matter if you work in an office or do manual labor, be sure to take in all the safety information that’s provided. Make note of any safety tips posted around your workplace and, most of all, be sure to use common sense.

Accidents DO happen. But it’s always best to plan ahead and avoid them. Just getting hurt brings enough trouble, but once you’re hurt AND unable to work, your worker’s compensation benefits won’t cover 100% of your lost wages.

After an on-the-job injury, you can expect to earn two-thirds of your average weekly wage, according to the July 2010 Colorado Department of Labor & Employment Division of Worker’s Compensation Employee’s Guide. That, of course, depends upon your claim being accepted, the actual date of your injury and how much time off work is required for your recovery.

Most of us would find it difficult to cope with a one-third reduction in take-home pay, but your benefit payments will be even smaller if the worker’s compensation insurance company discovers you failed to use a provided safety device, didn’t follow safety rules, were intoxicated at the time of injury or misrepresented your physical ability to do the job for which you were hired.

So the old saying is true! Honesty is the best policy. That and a little grown-up conscientiousness when at work will always pay off… and at the time when you need it most!

If you or your loved one have already suffered an injury at work, please visit where you can learn more about Colorado worker’s compensation and ask Gordon Heuser anything that concerns you about your claim.