Injury Lawyer for Fewer Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado Springs

A personal injury lawyer in Colorado Springs sees the fallout from too many kinds of vehicle accidents. While assisting our friends and clients we are constantly reminded of the fragility of life and the hurried pace at which we live.


Yesterday’s fatal motorcycle accident at Lexington and Bordeaux drives in Colorado Springs was a harsh reminder of how risky it is to ride a bike on the same roads driven by multi-ton tractor-trailers, SUVs and cars. From the news stories, it appears that two things may have been behind this tragic fatality–automobile driver error and the motorcycle rider’s failure to wear a helmet.


Colorado is rare in that there is no law here mandating helmet use by riders age 18 years and older. Only three other states (New Hampshire, Iowa and Illinois) do not require helmet use by adults. It’s worth noting a 2005 statistic from the Colorado State Patrol; more than 76% of our state’s motorcycle accident fatalities that year resulted from the rider not wearing a helmet. Perhaps more conscientious helmet use would prevent deadly personal injury to bikers.


Motorcycle sales have declined recently, but  there were still more than 400,000 purchased in the United States in 2010. That combined total of dual sport, off road, street bikes and scooters proves that our two-wheeled road warriors will be sharing our streets and highways for a long time to come. A thoughtful automobile driver remembers to always be alert for bikers and allow them the same rights and driving privileges as any other vehicle driver–it is the law.


The Colorado State Patrol has these tips for car and truck drivers on sharing the road with motorcycles.

  • Give a motorcyclist a full lane of travel.
  • Watch for motorcycles on highways, at intersections and where left turns or lane changes are made.
  • Always use turn signals.
  • Think ahead to the actions motorcycles may need to make to avoid a hazard.
  • Don’t follow a motorcycle (or any vehicle) too closely.


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