Car Wreck 074 – Girl with minor injuries

Who’s YOUR Lawyer in Colorado Springs?

Personal injury attorneys don’t spend all day hoping somebody will be hurt. Everyday people don’t spend all day expecting to be hurt. Unfortunately, personal injury is something that does happen.


Any lawyer in Colorado Springs is proud to be of service if you’ve suffered a personal injury after an accident–auto accidents being the most common, of course. Still, most people think the insurance agent(s) and doctors and car repair shops will take care of all the auto accident details well enough on their own. Why get an injury attorney involved? They’re just money-hungry and lawsuit-crazy!

Or are we?

Below are three great reasons to know who will be your personal injury lawyer in Colorado Springs (should you ever need one). Lawsuit is not at the top of the list.

It won’t cost you a dime to have a plan in your pocket.

It also won’t cost you a dime to call whomever you’ve chosen to be your personal injury attorney at the time you become the victim of an auto accident. It’s free to consult with an attorney, so why wouldn’t you? Also, many personal injury attorneys, especially those of us who specialize in auto accident cases, have connections to doctors who will provide medical aid while withholding their fees until your personal injury attorney wins your claim.

Your auto accident claim needs to be optimized from the moment of impact.

Personal injury attorneys have been disparaged for many years as “ambulance chasers,” but no one seems to complain when an insurance agent arrives to the scene of an auto accident in record time. Insurance agencies are in the business of making money just like most hard-working people. Knowing that a personal injury attorney is available to you immediately after your auto accident evens the playing field for everybody involved. Personal injury attorneys have experience dealing with insurance claims and are able to make sure your claim is processed fairly. A personal injury attorney who has access to all the information about your auto accident as soon as it happens will be able to make the most of your claim in the least amount of time possible.

Consider your personal injury attorney as a “fail-safe.”

You may not ever be involved in an auto accident. You may not ever be involved in an auto accident claim that ends up in court. But some unlucky people do. Instead of living with panic as insurance payments, doctor visits and job loss compensations don’t go your way, you can have confidence knowing there’s an attorney taking care of your case the whole way through. A personal injury attorney goes into a claim making the best efforts to avoid taking anyone into court; but we are prepared to take on the task should we have to do just that.