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Making Driving Safer One Car Accident Lawyer at a Time

It’s hard even for us to believe a car accident lawyer in Colorado Springs can affect change for the entire world. But we can! And we do–only with your help, of course.

A fabulous op-ed published in the Washington Post on April 15 provided great encouragement to our office. Gibson Vance, the writer, is president of the American Association for Justice. Maybe he is a little biased, but he did back up his praise of the car accident lawyer and personal injury litigation with some great stuff.

Vance cites legal cases surrounding the Ford Pinto as an early example of how car accident lawyers greatly changed the way federal safety standards and personal injury relate to each other. Back in the 1970’s, when rear-end car accidents were causing Ford Pintos to explode, safety regulations were actually being met by the car company!

“Had compliance with federal standards been a complete defense of vehicle safety, Ford could not have been held accountable for the many burn victims that the company was later shown to have anticipated,” says Vance.

And therein lays the push of consumers–that’s you–and their lawyers.

There were many reports that Ford knew about safety problems with the Pinto and that the company aimed solely to meet legal safety regulations (even if they weren’t strict enough). In the end, their knowledge of the dangerous positioning of the Pinto’s gas tank seems secondary to the fact that federal safety regulations weren’t keeping up with the needs of the consumer.

Unfortunately, it sometimes it takes legal pressure to cause a business or a regulatory agency to take notice of a growing problem. Worse yet is that any person would suffer injury before a safety problem is recognized. But that’s where the car accident lawyer comes into the picture to help.

A one-off car accident caused by human error is just that; a one-time occurrence (hopefully). A car accident caused by a malfunction, poorly designed structure or badly applied technology is possibly the symptom of a much larger safety issue. Sometimes that issue isn’t discovered until someone does some detective work. The efforts of a car accident lawyer really aren’t targeted to aiding a litigious society. We actually examine accident causes and solve problems as we help you recover from a car accident.

After you’re involved in an accident, don’t hesitate to call us, or any car accident lawyer in Colorado Springs. As we work through your accident recovery, car accident lawyers as a whole really are affecting the greater good by fighting for better safety regulations, pointing out manufacturing errors and pushing the marketplace towards conscientiousness.