Springs Accident Lawyer Hopes for Improved Safety

Allen Rose’s Safety Act Puts a Positive Spin on Tragedy

One thing we deeply wish for through all the tragedies we see as a car accident lawyer and staff, it’s for people to find growth after traumatic times. Right now in Colorado Springs, we are watching a devastating death lead to new state laws that will, hopefully, preserve the safety of an unexpected part of our workforce:  tow truck drivers.

Generally, no one has good reason to be gracious towards tow truck drivers. It’s not that they don’t do an important job. It’s just rare when a car owner needs one for a positive reason. We only see a tow truck when our car won’t start, after a car accident, when a car is being repossessed or, in the case of this story, when we’ve been caught illegally parked.

You’ve probably heard about, if you’re not already very familiar with, the tragic story, but on Feb. 23, 2011, Allen Rose was just doing his job as a driver for J&J Towing in Colorado Springs. He was preparing to tow an illegally parked car from an apartment complex when the car’s owner jumped into her vehicle and drove away. Rose was caught in a tow chain he had already attached to the car and was dragged for more than a mile. He died from his injuries later that day.

The Springs community has rallied for Allen Rose’s cause and for better safety considerations for our city’s tow truck drivers.  Renee Rose, his widow, visited the Capitol this week saying, “So often it takes a tragedy to inspire change,” and encouraging lawmakers to push through the Senate Bill named in her husband’s honor.

On Monday, Senate Bill 11-260, The Allen Rose Tow-truck Safety Act, swiftly made it through the third vote in the Colorado General Assembly. The fact that the bill was introduced only a week prior, on Apr. 25, 2011, is quite a testament to our community’s reaction after the tragic accident in Colorado Springs.

Rose’s work partner Mike Baier came up with the idea for the safety act. Baier suggested that tow truck drivers affix a magnetic sign to the driver’s side of the vehicle being towed. Once that sign is applied to the vehicle, it will be illegal for anyone else to enter the vehicle or remove the sign.

The Bill also includes tow trucks among the public service and emergency vehicles drivers will be required to give more space to when passing them in traffic.

Sen. John Morse sponsors the Bill which now goes on for voting in the House of Representatives.

The Rose family has filed an accident lawsuit with another Springs accident lawyer.