Don't Get Cheated By Insurance Misconceptions

If you are injured in an accident and the insurance company says that you need to sign a settlement offer, do you have to?

If you have a serious injury and it’s the other driver’s fault, will their insurance company pay your medical bills?

If your insurance company offers to pay you what seems like a good amount, how do you know if you are actually entitled to more? How much will be enough to cover future medical bills?

There are many myths and much misinformation about settling an insurance claim after an auto accident. Getting help from experienced Colorado Springs accident lawyers could be the only way you’ll be sure your dealings with the insurance company are on the up-and-up.

What are some common misconceptions about auto insurance?

1.     You don’t have to sign a settlement because the insurance company is pushing you.
If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and the insurance company offers a settlement, you should consult an attorney before you sign for it. You want to make sure that any injuries you have incurred are treated properly and that you have a doctor’s prognosis for the length of time you will need treatment. Some injuries do not show up for days, weeks or even months after an auto accident. After you sign a settlement offer, you will not receive any more compensation for accident-related medical issues that may develop in the future.

2.     Even if you are injured through no fault of your own and the other driver does have insurance, his or her insurance company may not pay your expenses. That’s why you need a team of Colorado Springs accident lawyers who can threaten to litigate to ensure that your medical bills are paid. Insurance companies know going to court is expensive. Sometimes just a threat of taking them to court makes them settle on your terms.

3.     Remember, even your own insurance company may not pay you as much as you are entitled to because their goal is to pay you the least amount of money! Find an experienced firm of Colorado Springs accident lawyers who can make sure the settlement you receive will cover all of the medical bills you will receive and compensate you for loss of wages or loss of ability to work.

4.     Another misconception is that if an insurance company other than your own asks you to release your medical records, then you have to. There are few circumstances for which your medical records should be released to another driver’s insurance company. Let only your accident lawyer decide who gets to see your medical records.

While we recommend that you contact your own insurance agent as soon as an accident takes place and answer all of your agent’s questions truthfully, it is a good idea to read and review your own policy and to keep notes about all of your conversations. Get the names, numbers and titles of the insurance representatives you speak with and stay in touch with your accident lawyer about all of those conversations. Do not give a recorded or written statement to anyone – even your own insurance company – before you fully understand your coverage and rights. Your accident lawyer can make sure you are protected. Colorado Springs accident lawyers know the laws that are specific to this state, and can help make sure the insurance company gives you the compensation you deserve.