A Workers' Comp Attorney Did Your Homework

On television, it appears to be very exciting to serve as a lawyer. Everything that happens at the firm on The Good Wife is dramatic and high stakes, and the lawyers on Law & Order, especially, are replete with quirky behaviors, mysterious defendants and enthralling arguments for the juries.


But for better or for worse, being a lawyer in real life just isn’t really like that. At least, being a Colorado Springs lawyer isn’t like that! Maybe in the big cities each day is full of wining and dining and unexpected witnesses showing up at court. Here at the Heuser & Heuser LLP offices, though, there’s a lot of administrative work to be done. Phone calls, paperwork, research, scheduling, keeping up with deadlines and tying up loose ends are what fill up our docket most days.


On the other hand, it is true that most people who choose to work in the field of law do enjoy the minute details of legal research projects and finding solutions to complicated legal issues. Come to think of it, serving local clients as Colorado Springs workers’ comp attorneys allows us to shield you, the work accident victim, from any additional drama or surprises! If you are resting and healing from a serious injury, it would be nearly impossible to, simultaneously, study up on Colorado workers’ comp laws, file all the paperwork in the proper order and on time, plus follow up on everything that needs to be filed by your employer and keep appointments for medical exams, physical therapy, treatments and follow up visits. Not many — if any — of us could do all of that along with normal day-to-day activities. Oftentimes, when an injured worker does try to go it alone, statutes of limitations are missed or the employer’s workers’ comp insurer low-balls the victim with an inadequate settlement offer. The injury victim won’t know the settlement is inadequate until too late to renegotiate.


In every state, and at the federal level, too, law makers tweak and update workers’ comp laws on a yearly basis it seems. The latest update to our local work accident laws comes in a handy 102-page document aptly named “2011 Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act.” If you like, you are welcome to visit the Department of Labor & Employment website and read the “Workers’ Compensation Act” on your own. You can also access all manner of publications, worksheets, and pamphlets that provide explanations and pay schedules — all for free!


Or, you can ask Colorado Springs Workers’ Comp Attorney Gordon Heuser a question directly via the email form on the askgordonnow.com website — for free! Attorney Heuser will email an answer to your question, and if we feel you have a case that will benefit from our help, we may invite you to the office for an initial consultation where you can ask even more questions — for free!


These freebies don’t require you to do any homework. We are happy to already have done all the reading and deciphering of Colorado workers’ comp laws on your behalf. Because we already studied, you can set your sites on getting better and, hopefully, getting back to work.