18 wheeler cause for accident attorney?

"If You Got It, A Truck Brought It"

How many times have you seen this bumper sticker– “If you got it, a truck brought it”? We here at Heuser and Heuser, the Colorado Springs personal Injury law firm, have seen this sticker many times and it got us to thinking.


With the ongoing changes in the price of gasoline and diesel, many companies are utilizing different delivery vehicles to get their products to market. Yet did you know that if you are injured by a commercial vehicle, the law has different levels of responsibility assigned to them.


If you are in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Monument, Woodland Park, or any other region of Southern Colorado and you are a victim of a commercial trucking accident we urge you to call the truck accident lawyers at Heuser and Heuser.


Once again, a commercial truck is not just the traditional 18 wheeler that we are all familiar with; they are 10 wheelers, vans, cars…anything with a fleet number on the back or the side (including 1-800 numbers to report driving concerns).


Another way to recognize a commercial vehicle is the name of a business on the door or the back. We realize that this seems simple to understand but many drivers are injured by commercial vehicles and they do not seek out proper representation when it comes to handling their losses; which can include medical bills, vehicle damage, lost time at work, and pain and suffering.


Keep in mind, just because you’re not at work and it’s the middle of the night, doesn’t mean the truck that just caused an accident isn’t at work…even if they claim to be ‘off the clock’. With winter approaching the roads are getting more difficult to navigate, however; that doesn’t mean commercial truck drivers have less responsibility to drive within the bounds of reason, but rather the opposite.


They are professional drivers and they must be responsible at all times to adhere to changing road conditions and be able to control their vehicles. Bad weather is not an excuse, but rather a reason to be even more cautious.


The commercial injury lawyers at Heuser and Heuser want you to be represented fairly, and remember: the insurance company for the other side already has attorneys to represent their client and they are hoping you won’t get proper representation, so if you’re involved in a commercial truck accident: shouldn’t you call the commercial truck injury lawyers at Heuser and Heuser?