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State Employees Still Affected by Colorado Workers’ Compensation Insurer’s Decision to Bail

42,000 employees were affected when a state-owned workers’ compensation insurer withdrew as the administrator of state employees’ claims in August.  The insurer chose to terminate its services to the state following disagreements with government officials over lavish vacations, compensation, and “golden parachutes”– exorbitant severance packages– for top executives.


The company spokeswoman said, however, that the withdrawal had nothing to do with state lawmakers’ criticism of a five-day, $318,000 golf trip to Pebble Beach, Calif.


As a result of the insurer’s decision, Colorado was forced to hire a third-party contractor to administer its workers’ comp program.


About 1,000 Colorado workers’ compensation claims are currently pending.  It is likely that the insurer’s decision to bail with about a year left on its contract has caused delays in resolving claims for Colorado employees injured on the job.


If you have been injured in the workplace, to ensure you receive the Colorado workers’ compensation benefits that are your legal right, it is imperative that you report any work accidents to your employer immediately.
Even if an injury seems minor, report it anyway—you never know what complications may arise from a work-related accident.


Usually someone who is injured on the job must file a “Request for Benefit Review Conference” within one year from the date of the injury or the date the employer last paid medical bills or temporary disability benefits.


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