police at a Colorado Springs bar fight awaiting a wrongful death lawyer

Colorado Springs Fight Victim Succumbs to Injuries, Death Declared a Homicide

KKTV reports the homicide count in Colorado Springs for 2011 now stands at 25 thanks to an incident that occurred on Oct. 8. While breaking up a fight outside a bar on the 2400 block of North Union, a man was knocked to the ground by fellow band mate. Sustaining a severe head injury, the victim was rushed to the hospital, where he lay in a coma for 12 days before passing away on Oct. 20.


The aggressor was arrested after the fight and will likely face serious charges.


As a musician, the man’s death will no doubt hit his fans hard. But as a son and father, what does his death mean for his family?


Whenever a person dies as a result of the actions or negligence of another party it is considered a wrongful death, and with the help of a lawyer, the family of the deceased can receive the compensation they’re entitled to. Nothing hurts worse than the death of a loved one, but that pain can be exacerbated by the overwhelming expenses that come with it. How can the deceased’s spouse, their parents–even their children–be expected to handle the funeral arrangements and medical costs on top of facing the uncertainty of life without their loved one?


It’s impossible to put a price on a life. But if you’ve experienced the wrongful death or severe injury of a loved one, you need a lawyer to help determine how those responsible will pay back the damages owed to you and your family. A lawyer for a wrongful death case will work with you to ensure accountability is upheld and justice is served.


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