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Colorado Springs Police: Drunk Driver Left Accident Scene

As much as we try to convey the message that alcohol use and operation of motor vehicles is not acceptable, there continues to be a percentage of our population that ignores that fact. Now, whether this is due to addiction or just plain poor decision making, the outcomes are never worth it. Operation of a motor vehicle while impaired is against the law and there is good reason for it.

When a person has consumed alcoholic beverages he/she has also shut down certain crucial neurotransmitters (brain chemicals that are responsible for almost all of our feelings and actions); in the case of alcohol consumption the neurotransmitter GABA ceases production. GABA is responsible for encouraging all of us (as human beings) to think about what we are doing and what we are about to do. In a simple sense GABA is called the ‘caution chemical’, in other words; it gives us pause to consider and perform a risk analysis about an upcoming behavior. Alcohol use slows down this process and the more alcohol is used the more likely this process is to stop. This is one of the main reasons that drinking and driving is illegal.

KKTV, channel 11, Southern Colorado’s CBS affiliate reported on a drunk driver who recently fled the scene of an accident; an accident where the accused hit a parked car and then took upwards of 15 minutes to free his car from the other vehicle. Now, a sober person would have realized his error and waited for the authorities and a tow truck to sort out the mess. Not this particular drunk person, he tried for 15 minutes to break his car free from the other car. This was happening while a bystander tried to encourage the accused to stop his reckless and dangerous behavior.

Again, alcohol incidents are always unpredictable and we would never encourage anyone to try and intervene with an impaired person. The bystander who did try to intervene was almost hit by the drunk driver and that is what caused the good samaritan to withdraw from the situation.

The police finally caught up with the accused drunk driver a few miles down the road; apparently he was the one driving the damaged vehicle.

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