Two Aggressive Dogs by Fence

Pueblo Woman Scalped In Dog Attack


Another dog attack in Pueblo left a women mutilated recently, according to News Channel 13 in Colorado Springs.

Corporal Michael Mares with the Pueblo Police Department reported that two pit bull dogs had ripped the victim’s scalp from her head. When authorities arrived on the scene, she was lying on the side of the road where the animals had dragged her after bringing her to the ground.

Two pit bull puppies in a pen close to where the horrific attack took place, leading Animal Control investigators to the conclusion that the female dog involved in the attack was the mother of the pups.

The owner of the dogs, a Pueblo resident, had been previously involved with authorities. The owner was cited for “unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog” in this incident.

As certain owners of dangerous dogs continue to ignore laws and warnings about their vicious animals, the general public is left in a state of unrest.

Colorado citizens have been working towards building up healthier lifestyles, which often brings many out of their homes to walk, jog and exercise. These individuals should be able to safely enjoy outdoor activities. When they are violated by dangerous animals, negligent dog owners who fail to restrain their pets should be held responsible for their actions.

In cases like this recent dog attack, legal representation is essential to ensuring that you collect the restitution you need and deserve. Medical expenses can skyrocket if you are a victim of a dog attack. Such expenses can include hospitalization, physician and surgeon fees, cosmetic surgery costs, etc. Dog bites and attacks can result in in permanent disfigurement, damage to organs, bone breaks, and even death.

Colorado laws concerning liability regarding the behavior of dogs are quite specific. It takes a skilled and knowledgeable personal injury attorney like the dog bite lawyers at Heuser & Heuser to understand how these laws apply to your case.

Dog bite laws, laid out in House Bill 04-1279, recognize that “dangerous dogs are a serious and widespread threat to the safety and welfare of citizens throughout the state”

Depending on the circumstances, when an individual is attacked by a dog and sustains bodily injury, that person may entitled to bring a civil action against the owner of the animal.

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