Motorcycle Wreck in Colorado Springs

Pueblo Motorcycle Accident Leaves One Dead

Less than one week ago, 39-year-old Robert Ramirez lost his life in a motorcycle accident.

He was approaching the intersection of 18th and Hooper in Pueblo when, suddenly, a truck made a U-turn directly in front of his motorcycle, causing a collision. Ramirez crashed into the truck; the impact launched him from his motorcycle, and caused fatal injuries. He was pronounced dead when Pueblo investigators arrived at the scene.

Ramirez’s family members described him as an experienced rider.

Pueblo law enforcement is currently investigating the accident, and do not believe that controlled substances were factors in the crash.

The truck driver was uninjured, and has not been charged with anything as of yet.

In cases such as this one, the courts may not ever file charges against the guilty parties. Furthermore, should the courts decide to prosecute someone for wrongdoings, negligent parties are often only given the minimum punishment.

Understandably, victims are often confused and angered by such an outcome.  Why does a possibly guilty person escape with little or no punishment, while the victims of motorcycle accidents are left with extensive bills?

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