Broadside collision in Pueblo CO

Pueblo Traffic Cameras Related to Drop in Broadside Accidents

After installing cameras at two intersections in Pueblo, traffic officials in the Colorado city said that the number of broadside collisions in these locations has dropped dramatically.

The cameras have been in place for two years at the intersections of Thatcher and Prairie and U.S. 50 and Norwood on the East Side. If your car runs a red light at either of these intersections, the cameras snap a picture of your license plate, and you can expect a $75 municipal fine to follow.

Traffic engineer Pepper Whittlef told the Pueblo Chieftain that she’s reporting on the camera program’s effectiveness to City Council.

“Looking at the accidents at the intersection of Thatcher and Prairie avenues, it seems that 26 percent of those accidents were broadside collisions before the cameras were installed,” Whittlef said. “After the cameras [were installed], about 5 percent of the accidents were broadside, which are among the most serious you can have.”

For citizens of Pueblo, the benefit of safer intersections outweighs other concerns, but other Colorado residents have fought to put an end to similar programs in their towns. In Denver, members of the public complained that the program did not seem to have an effect on safety and was just being used to generate revenue.

American Traffic Solutions, the company responsible for the Pueblo project, provides the cameras and technology for a monthly fee that most cities can pay back using the fines they collect. If the city cannot pay back the fee, the company absorbs the cost. But that has not happened in Pueblo – the cameras are generating about $170,000 per year in fines.

Whittlef told the Chieftain the cameras catch 200 violations a month on average, and about 80 percent of people who receive tickets pay the fines promptly.

The cameras are a step toward holding reckless drivers responsible for their actions, but nothing can protect drivers from an accident completely. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in the Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Trinidad or surrounding areas, call Heuser & Heuser immediately.

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