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Pedestrian Struck By Alleged Drunk Driver in Colorado Springs

On Jan. 31, a serious accident left one young man hospitalized. According to Colorado Springs’ News Channel 11, the accident occurred around 2 a.m. that Tuesday morning. The victim was walking along the Highway 50 bypass and La Crosse when a Springs woman struck him with her vehicle. She was arrested at the scene and charged with DUI and vehicular assault.

While the victim is expected to recover from his injuries, the emotional trauma of the accident may be far slower to heal. In cases similar to this one, guilty parties are rarely ever tried in criminal court. If they are, the courts usually assign minimum punishments. This outcome hardly seems just, as those responsible for auto accidents are often not held accountable for their actions in the overly lenient justice system. It is not unusual for car accident victims to feel a sense of confusion and outrage at the justice system’s seeming shortcomings. It hardly seems fair that an individual who drives under the influence of alcohol or other drugs can escape with little or no punishment following an auto accident, yet the victim is left with expensive medical bills.

However, for those still seeking justice in an auto accident case, there is an alternative route. The Colorado justice system allows victims who have been injured in auto accidents to seek damages in civil court. By consulting an auto accident lawyer in the greater Colorado Springs area, victims can begin the healing process by seeking justice. Colorado law allows victims of auto accidents to seek justice in civil court as well as criminal court. Injury attorneys work through the civil legal process to provide families with this justice. The law allows victims to ask for compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and potentially punitive damages. The experienced legal team at Heuser & Heuser will answer your questions about this process and give you the free legal advice you require.

The Heuser & Heuser Law Firm, comprised of car accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys, has years of expertise with auto accident cases in and around Colorado Springs, Southern Colorado, Pueblo, Monument, Trinidad, Alamosa, Canon City, Woodland Park. Although filing a wrongful death or other civil claim cannot bring back loved ones, it can provide families with a sense of closure. As accident lawyers serving the greater Colorado Springs area, we are dedicated to bringing those responsible for serious injuries to justice.

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