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Pueblo Man Killed in Collision with Big Truck

A 21-year-old man was killed in a commercial truck accident early in the morning on Feb. 17, the Pueblo Chieftain reported.

Pueblo County Coroner Jim Kramer told local news sources that the victim was Joseph Stephen Angeli of Pueblo. Angeli had been heading east on Santa Fe Drive when his vehicle ran into a trailer hitched to a diesel truck stopped at the intersection of Santa Fe and Northern Avenue, according to a press release.

The driver of the commercial vehicle, whose name wasn’t released, was not injured, but Angeli died at Parkview Medical Center from the multiple traumatic injuries he suffered in the accident.

Authorities suspect the strong glare from the sun may have blinded Angeli. “[Officers] noted that sun glare made visibility at the intersection very poor and surmise that may have been a factor,” according to the press release.

The police do not suspect speeding, drugs or alcohol contributed to the accident, KKTV reported.

Angeli was a 2009 graduate of Pueblo County High School, and the Chieftain reported that he was studying drug and alcohol counseling at Pueblo Community College, according to his Facebook page.

When there’s an accident involving a large truck and a smaller car, it’s more likely that the occupants of the smaller car will be killed. In crashes involving large trucks in 2009, the NHTSA reported that 503 occupants of trucks were killed, while there were 2,551 fatalities among occupants of the other vehicles involved in the crashes.

Likewise, 17,000 occupants of trucks were injured in such crashes in 2009, while 56,000 occupants of other vehicles were injured.

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