SUV crash on I-25

Deadly I-25 Crash

It’s early morning and you’ve had a fun night out with friends. Maybe it’s been a long, tiring night at work and you finally get to go home and enjoy yourself. Whatever the reason, it’s dark out and traffic isn’t too heavy on the highway, so you are lulled into a sense of security. You have traveled this stretch of I-25 countless times before so what could happen? This might have been just the scenario that played out on a recent Saturday.

On February 25, approximately at 2 a.m., a young man was driving on the southbound side of I-25 near the Black Feather Trail overpass. For some reason he stopped his Ford Expedition in the right hand lane and got out of the vehicle, walking to the front of the SUV. What happened next is every driver’s nightmare. Another SUV, a Ford Excursion, plowed into the rear of the stopped vehicle, causing it to hit the young man and throw him into the left hand lane. EMS workers tried in vain to save him but his injuries were too extensive. A passenger in his Expedition had minor injuries and was treated and released from a local hospital. The driver of the Ford Excursion was uninjured. A spokesperson for the Castle Rock Police Department said alcohol may be factor.

Why did the young driver stop his vehicle in the lane of traffic? That is unknown. The Castle Rock Police Department are trying to determine this. What is known is that this accident may have been totally avoidable and a young man would still be alive. Whether or not alcohol caused this is being investigated but one thing is for certain-someone was negligent. We need to be 100 percent aware when we are driving, whether during the daytime or night. There can’t be anything else taking our concentration off the road. Too many drivers nowadays are trying to multitask when behind the wheel. They are using their phones, texting, trying to put makeup on or are just plain distracted. In this case, whatever distracted the other driver led to the tragic death of a young man.

It is certain the Castle Rock Police Department will investigate and hold the responsible party accountable. They will have to answer for their action and this may involve jail time. But for the family of the other party, the sentence has already begun and it is a life sentence. Parents have lost a son, a wife lost a husband, children lost a father and this is forever.

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