Motorcycle wreck CO

Motorcyclist Seriously Injured in Colorado Springs

All too often we are reminded of the dangers of driving on the roads, but occasionally we wince when we hear the details of some accidents. Recently in Colorado Springs a motorcyclist was run off the road and into a ditch by another driver…in a car. That is a scary thought and what makes it even worse is that our local news web portal,, reports that the driver of the car did not even stop to help and ensure the that motorcyclist was ok.

The motorcyclist involved in the accident had to be airlifted to the hospital. The good news is that he’s alive, which leaves open the door for a full recovery; but clearly that will take time. The time needed for recovery will cut into time needed for work, family, and other obligations. We trust the police, as the result of their investigation, will be able to determine who the driver of the car was and charge him with the appropriate crimes and hold him responsible for his actions.

When we enter the Colorado Springs public roadways we must remember that we are sharing the roads with a variety of different vehicles, including but not limited to: motorcycles, cars/trucks, commercial vehicles, emergency vehicles, and occasionally non-motorized vehicles. Each one of these categories of vehicles comes with separate rules of the road and we as drivers are expected to understand those rules and abide by them, failure to do so can land us in trouble and potentially injure or kill another party who has an equal right to be on the road way. You see, driving isn’t just about us; it’s about all of us.

This Colorado Springs motorcycle accident could have been prevented, but it wasn’t and there is an at-fault driver, but as an injured party your job is to recover and heal from your injuries. That is why if you are involved in any sort of vehicle accident on the roadways of Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Alamosa, the Arkansas Valley, Pikes Peak, and anywhere on the Front Range you should make contact with an experienced personal injury lawyer with a background in motorcyle accidents. The professionals at Heuser and Heuser have been representing victims of vehicle accidents since 1985 and we are ready to represent you and we will do our BEST to recover all your losses, including: time lost from work, pain and suffering, property losses, and medical bills. Remember, your job is to heal; our job is to represent you.

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