Logging Most Dangerous Job in Colorado

Logging Is The Most Dangerous Job in Colorado

Many workers in Colorado and across America get to go to work every day without the fear of suffering a workplace injury or being killed while performing their job. For some occupations, however, workplace injuries or fatalities are a constant concern, and certain jobs always find their way to the top of the lists of America’s most dangerous. Riskmanagementmonitor.com’s list includes police officers, truck drivers, roofers, pilots, and ranchers, all jobs found in Colorado, but still not the state’s most hazardous.

One job in Colorado has landed at the top of many lists of dangerous jobs including #2 of riskmanagementmonitor.com’s list: logging worker. Out of every 10,000, 91.9 loggers were killed in 2010, well over 5 times the national average of workplace fatalities. In 2010, the average hourly wages for a logging worker was $15.80 per hour or $32,870 per year.

For loggers the most common cause of injury was damaging contact with objects. These objects can be the actual trees they’re cutting down as loggers have to deal with the massive weight and momentum of falling, rolling, and sliding logs. These objects can also be the dangerous tools they use to do their work, like chainsaws and logging machines.

Colorado Workers' Comp

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “logging is physically demanding and can be hazardous. Workers spend all their time outdoors, sometimes in poor weather and often in isolated areas.” Along with the poor weather conditions like snow, rain, lightning, and extreme cold, there are also dangerous environmental conditions like rough and uneven terrain.

OHSA states, “The combination of these hazards present a significant risk to employees working in logging operations throughout the country, regardless of the type of timber being logged, where it is logged, or the end use of the wood.”

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People who get hurt on the job are usually eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Those benefits are crucial as work injuries can result in costly medical bills and loss of income.

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