String of Colorado Springs Car Accidents May Have Been Influenced by Drugs

String of Car Accidents May Have Been Influenced by Drugs | Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer

After a string of crimes including hit-and-run accidents and attempted carjackings, a 29-year-old Colorado Springs man was arrested Saturday afternoon.

The man’s spree began when he approached a couple waiting outside a restaurant. He accosted them and tried to steal their cell phone, claiming it was his — despite the fact that the couple had never met the man before.

Next he headed to the 2500 block of West Colorado Avenue to a tattoo shop where he caused a disturbance. He then attempted to enter a closed medical marijuana store. It was while the man was pounding on the door to the marijuana shop that Colorado Springs police were called. The man jumped into a stolen 2003 Ford pickup and fled the scene. He crashed into several parked cars and got into a car accident with a minivan on 25th street.

Man on Drugs Causes Car Wrecks on Colorado SpringsThe man was next seen at a store on South Nevada Avenue where he was trying to buy cigarettes and was asked to leave after causing a scene by spouting nonsense. It was in the parking lot of this store where, according to a release by police, a victim claimed the man ‘broke the mirror on his car, tried to break a window and then attempted to car-jack him.’ The victim, not willing to be robbed, fought back and along with others subdued the 29-year-old until Colorado Springs police arrived.

The man fought with police but was eventually arrested. He was taken to El Paso County jail and held on nine criminal and traffic charges including ‘driving under the influence of drugs,’ and more charges are likely. He is currently being held for $3,000 bail. The Colorado Springs Sheriff’s Office said, ‘incidents of this kind are not uncommon while dealing with suspects under the influence of drugs and alcohol.’

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