Flight after Fight: Woman Injured in Hit-and-Run after Street Brawl near Colorado Springs

Woman Injured in Hit-and-Run after Street Brawl

A woman was left lying barely conscious on a sidewalk in Cimarron Hills just north of Colorado Springs. The black Ford pick-up that struck her had already long left the scene.

El Paso County officers soon arrived at the scene of the accident where 30 to 40 people had already gathered. Working their way through the crowd, they found the 38-year-old woman covered in blood and having just suffered a seizure. She was being held by her frightened daughter, who was tearfully shouting, “They ran over my mom!”

The hit-and-run incident followed an 8 to 10 person fight that spilled onto Western Drive around 4:30 Sunday. The fight included both men and women, and it’s still not exactly known why it began. But, El Paso Police have speculated that the dispute might have actually been over the black pick-up involved in the accident. What is known is that the fight was heated enough that, according to a witness, the accident victim started throwing rocks at the truck.

The truck, which had a disabled veteran’s license plate, was in fact occupied by a passenger with a prosthetic leg but was actually driven by a 25-year-old woman. Witnesses have claimed that the 25-year-old hit the gas, drove up onto the curb, and ran over the 38-year-old woman before speeding off.

Authorities closed Western Drive between Peterson and Gallery Roads north of Colorado Springs, and the woman was quickly driven to the hospital where she was treated for multiple severe injuries.

Colorado woman was taken to hospital after hit-and-run and in need of Colorado Springs car accident lawyer.

The 25-year-old driver of the pick-up eventually returned to the scene of the crime where she was promptly arrested. A Sheriff’s Lieutenant for El Paso County has stated, “If it’s intentional, there’s a likelihood that she’ll be facing charges of attempted murder.” As of right now no charges have been filed, and the El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies are still investigating.

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