Pueblo SUV Accident Kills Two Teens, Injures More

SUV Accident Kills Two Teens, Injures More

Car accidents are always tragic; they’re never victimless. They often end with life-altering injuries and, far too often, death. But when car accidents involve kids, it becomes even more heartbreaking. The Pueblo community is still reeling from a deadly SUV accident last weekend that took the lives of two teens and left three more in critical condition. Memorial Day became a day to not only remember fallen soldiers, as Monday also saw flowers placed along Wildhorse Road as a memorial for the teens who died in the early morning crash.

Their SUV rolled on a sharp curve while being chased by Colorado State Patrol and three of the five riders were ejected. One 16-year-old passenger was killed instantly, while the 18-year-old driver was rushed to Parkview Medical Center where he died from his injuries. Three other passengers, two 14-year-olds and a 15-year-old were also taken to Parkview with life-threatening injuries. Their current conditions are yet to be released.

Two teens were killed and more were injured after an SUV rolled over in Pueblo, CO.

Police were notified around 1:30am Monday morning with a report of an SUV driving recklessly. The police responded and after seeing the suspect run two red lights, attempted to pull him over. The SUV sped off and the pursuit began — it lasted less than a minute. A gun was found in the vehicle, which investigators believe may have frightened the teen driver into trying to flee. It’s also still not known whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in the Pueblo wreck.

The ride ended with five teens, but it began with six. One 17-year-old is alive and well and with his family, because he made the decision to get out of the SUV before the fatal crash. The teen’s father is incredibly proud and thankful for the decision his son made.

It hit me hard because being a parent you don’t want to get that phone call in the middle of the night… Then it just went through my head ‘well it could have been him in the car.’

After the driving started to become reckless, the teen claims to have offered to drive since according to him the driver had ‘been drinking’. When the driver refused the 17-year-old asked to be let out of the car. He was, and it most likely saved his life.

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