Semi Rolls off Colorado Overpass and Crushes Car

Semi Rolls off Overpass and Crushes Car

A Colorado couple survived an unbelievable run-in with a tractor trailer on Sunday. Colorado commercial truck accidents are never predictable, and when you’re involved in one it almost always happens without warning. What you would expect is for the semi to hit your car from the front, rear, or sides. But the young couple got a shocking surprise when an 18-wheeler fell on top of their Honda CR-V.

The tractor trailer was hauling household goods from Chicago when it rolled off an I-70 overpass and plummeted to the highway below where it crashed onto the unsuspecting car. The incident quickly went from bad to worse when the semi-truck burst into flames and soon exploded with enough force that the shaking ground could be felt by nearby residents.

Unfortunately, the driver of tractor trailer lost his life in the fall and subsequent explosion and was pronounced dead at the scene. Miraculously, the couple inside the Honda actually survived and walked, on their own strength, to emergency responders. A community-relation representative for the town of Avon, CO said of the incident, ‘It is kind of amazing that the people in that CR-V lived.’

A Colorado's couple car is crushed by a falling tractor trailer.Though they only suffered from minor cuts and bruises the couple was taken to and treated at Vail Valley Medical Center as a precaution.

The rig also had a passenger that somehow managed to survive the unbelievable crash. They were also taken to Vail Valley Medical Center and treated and released for non-life threatening injuries.

The tractor trailer continued to blaze for 20 to 30 minutes before emergency crews were finally able to extinguish it, and all lanes of I-70 were shut down while the accident was cleared. The bridge will be examined by a structural engineer from the Colorado Department of Transportation, and the reason why the 18-wheeler rolled off bridge is yet to be known.

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