A Motorcycle Accident in Colorado Springs Injures the Passenger, Gets the Driver Charged with Assault

Accident Injures Passenger, Gets the Driver Charged with Assault

We’ve previously discussed the dangers that motorcyclists face on busy Colorado Springs streets. And it’s a fact that, by and large, Colorado Springs motorcycle accidents are caused by the carelessness of other motorists. People in passenger cars aren’t always on the lookout for bikers and when a collision happens, it’s usually the riders on the motorcycle that suffer the most serious injuries.

But that’s not always the case, and a passenger on a motorcycle in Colorado Springs recently learned the hard way that a lot of motorcycle safety falls on the driver.

Friday night, the female passenger was on the back of a bike while her and the 64-year-old driver were cruising north on Union Boulevard. He tried to cut the bike hard onto Fillmore Street and smashed into a curb, launching himself and the woman off the bike.  She hit the pavement and suffered serious injuries.

Head injuries are among the most common in motorcycle accidents and often the most severe. They can lead to traumatic brain injuries that are both debilitating and expensive.

Riders not wearing helmets are 40% more likely to die from a head injury after an accident, and wearing one can reduce the risk of a head injury by 69%. There’s no word if the riders were wearing helmets at the time of the Colorado Springs wreck or what the exact extent of the passenger’s injuries were.

The driver of the motorcycle has a lot more to worry about than an injured passenger. He was found to be intoxicated at the time of the accident. He was arrested not only for DUI but also for Vehicular Assault and was taken to El Paso County Jail.

Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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