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El Paso County Woman Killed During Filming of TV Series

Accidents are unpredictable; they can happen at any time. Unfortunately, they frequently end in injury, and far too often in death. If that death is caused by the carelessness, negligence, or even maliciousness of another person, the loved ones have the right to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. A recent catastrophe during the filming of a TV show near Colorado Springs seems to be a ‘freak accident,’ but Colorado police are still investigating the incident to find out who was at fault.

The Reality TV series showcased the nearly 100 military vehicles owned by a gun range proprietor outside Colorado Springs and was filmed at his El Paso County range. The production had already completed the first 13 episodes and was wrapping the shoot by filming the show’s closing sequence which would have its stars walk through a thick cloud of smoke.

To get this grand effect, foot-long smoke bombs were placed around the range. But, the smoke bombs malfunctioned and exploded, sending the pipe-shaped bombs rocketing toward the film crew at 150mph.

The 51-year-old gun range co-owner tried to run from the explosion, but one of the flying bombs tripped her and she stumbled to the ground. Another projectile hit her, instantly killing her.

She had owned the range with her husband for 33 years. He barely survived the accident himself when a rocketing smoke bomb passed inches from his face. “I’ve been running this rifle range for 30 years and no one’s got hurt because it is very safe here.” He continued, “Out of eight days of filming, it happened in the last 30 seconds, the last frame. And it happened to my wife.”

It wasn’t the first accident on the set of the TV series. A woman was hospitalized for severe burns after another stunt went wrong.

The name of the company responsible for the film shoot hasn’t been released, nor has it been stated if there was a person on set responsible for the safe use of the smoke bombs.

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