Colorado Springs’ Workers at Risk for Repetitive Use Injuries

Workers at Risk for Repetitive Use Injuries

Colorado Springs’ workers face a variety of dangers throughout their work day. Previously, we discussed how working in the logging industry was considered the most dangerous job in Colorado, but you don’t have to be sawing through massive trees to end up hurt in a Colorado Springs work accident. Those that work on assembly lines, in offices, in construction, or any job that requires doing the same repeated motion throughout the day are also at risk of being hurt.

One of the most common injuries found in Colorado Springs’ workplaces are repetitive use injuries. Repetitive use (or repetitive stress) injuries commonly effect fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows and are caused by repeated movements or uncomfortable postures. These injuries can be caused by recurring, rapid movements, over-exertion, excessive movement, or even too little movement. Other factors can include lack of job variation, poorly maintained equipment, stress, and overtime.

Doing the same motion over and over can cause strains to tendons, muscles, nerves, and joints. These strains are often passed off as everyday aches and pains, but what might begin as minor discomfort can often be a precursor to much more serious disorders. And these disorders like tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and bursitis can possibly lead to permanent damage and can sometimes immobilize a Colorado Springs worker for life.

Symptoms of repetitive motion injury include:

aching joints                                                  pain when moving arms and legs
tenderness of joints                                        numbness
swelling of wrists and hands                          clumsiness of the hands
weak grip                                                       tingling or burning

Whether it’s the frequent twisting of a wrench by a mechanic or nonstop typing by an office worker, nearly every worker in Colorado Springs is at risk for these debilitating workplace injuries.

Colorado Springs Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Those who get injured on the job are often eligible to receive Colorado workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are crucial to cover costly medical bills and loss of income, but sometimes it’s still not enough to cover all your expenses after your Colorado Springs work accident.

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