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Heuser & Heuser Client Testimonial: Larry

Larry was hurt in a car accident. He suffered from broken bones and a bruised heart and found himself hampered by expensive medical bills. He hired Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers Heuser & Heuser, and they fought to get him all the financial compensation he deserved.


“I was headed south on Academy Blvd and a woman coming north on Academy come across the median and hit me head-on. Three broken ribs, fractured sternum, bruised lung, badly bruised heart. I’m on all kinds of medication.

We’d seen his commercials and also a neighbor next door had Heuser and she was really happy with him. So, we decided to go with Heuser & Heuser. It was really easy working with him, and they took care of all the hassles.

Thanks Gordon you done a fine job for me. I couldn’t have done it on my own. “

Colorado Springs Auto Accident Attorneys

Insurance companies are in the business of making profit, so after you’ve been injured in a Colorado Springs car accident, chances are they’ll try to settle for less than you deserve. If you want to try and get the maximum compensation for your injuries, you’ll need help from an experienced Colorado auto accident attorney.

The Car Accident Attorneys at Heuser & Heuser have over 25 years of experience handling auto accident injury settlements, and they’ll fight to get you the money you deserve after you’ve been hurt in a car wreck in Colorado Springs, Monument, Trinidad, Alamosa, or throughout Southern Colorado.

Don’t let a severe injury from a car accident wreck your life. Contact Heuser & Heuser today and let them help you get started on the road to recovery with a free case review.