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Wrong-Way Drivers Pose a Deadly Threat

A shocking Colorado Springs car accident has shaken the community and made all the more tragic because it seemed to be avoidable. An elderly couple was heading home after attending church service and didn’t expect that a teenage driver would be barreling toward them, going the wrong way down a one-way street.

Wrong-way accidents are fairly common and usually more devastating since they often involve head-on collisions. In the Colorado Springs car wreck, the wrong-way driver wasn’t in the same lane as the elderly couple; he was traveling on a cross street and ran through an intersection at the same time the couple entered. According to reports, the teenage driver didn’t slow down and broadsided their car.

The couple was rushed to a local hospital, but sadly the driver passed away shortly after from his traumatic injuries and his wife passed away days later. The teenage driver suffered only minor injuries and charges have yet to be filed against him.

The couple’s death marked the 15th and 16th traffic fatalities in Colorado Springs this year.

How Can You Avoid Wrong-Way Car Accidents in Colorado Springs?

Most one-way streets in Colorado Springs are marked with ‘ONE-WAY’ signs and the more obvious ‘DO NOT ENTER’ signs. Unfortunately these signs, despite being designed to reflect light, are much less visible at night which is the time when most wrong-way accidents occur.

Being diligent about watching for these signs can help you avoid getting on the road in the wrong direction but what happens if it’s the other driver that’s heading toward you? If you encounter an approaching car, flash your high beams to alert them and pull to the side of the street immediately. Giving them a clear path past you is your best chance at avoiding an accident.

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