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Follow-Up to Wrong-Way Crash That Left Couple Dead

In a previous post, we discussed the dangers posed by motorists when illegally traveling the wrong way down a one-way street. This danger was illustrated by a recent tragedy in Colorado Springs when a couple was killed after an accident with a wrong-way driver. But, the surviving family may be closer to justice now that the teenage driver is in police custody.

The deadly accident occurred in mid-August when the teen was driving the wrong way along a one-way street. The senior couple had just left church and were heading to breakfast when they entered an intersection. Unfortunately, it was at the same time as the teen driver, and they were broadsided. The devastating impact rolled both cars and sent all three passengers to the hospital. The teen suffered only minor injuries and was soon released, but the couple sadly succumbed to their injuries and passed away.

A follow-up to a recent post about the tragic death of a Colorado Springs couple at the hand of a wrong-way driver.

Nearly a month after the deadly crash, police finally issued a warrant for the arrest of the teen in connection to the couple’s death. The teen turned himself into the Major Accident Unit the day the warrant was issued and was booked into El Paso County jail.  He now faces two counts of ‘vehicular homicide.’

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