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Carbon Monoxide a Bigger Threat As Temperatures Drop

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is known as the ‘silent killer.’ It can’t be seen or smelt and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can be deceptively similar to the flu. But nausea and headaches are just the mild effects; in high levels carbon monoxide is deadly.

Last Sunday, emergency crews were called to a Colorado Springs apartment after residents became sick and several carbon monoxide detectors went off. The crews found incredibly high levels of CO throughout the apartment and evacuated nine families. In one apartment they found two unresponsive men and rushed them to the hospital. Sadly one man was later pronounced dead and the other remains in critical condition. The owner of the apartment building is paying for the displaced residents to stay in local hotels as the cause of the high levels of carbon monoxide is investigated.


CO dangers grow as the temperatures in Colorado Springs drop and people turn on their heat for the first time. Fumes can come from anything that burns fuel including heaters or any gas-powered appliance.

“Who Can Be Held Responsible For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?”

Many issues can lead to CO leaks including malfunctioning appliances, poorly ventilated heaters, or blocked chimneys and exhaust vents. If it’s proven that the leak was caused by the negligence of landlords, builders, repair companies, or appliance manufacturers, they may be held liable for the injuries or deaths that result.

People that own rental homes or apartments are required to have carbon monoxide alarms installed before new tenants move in. The Executive Director for the Apartment Association of Southern Colorado clarifies that ‘each time the lease does change over they look to make sure the detector is working properly, and they have a battery.’

But once someone moves in it becomes the responsibility of the tenant to maintain the alarm, change batteries, and give notice to the landlord if the alarm malfunctions. The Executive Director continues, ‘many times people remove the batteries to use for a remote or toy, and then forget to replace them, or simply do not report a malfunctioning detector to management.’

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Colorado Springs

Any death that is caused by the negligence or carelessness of another person is considered a ‘wrongful death.’

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