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Pedestrian Accident Leaves a Baby Injured and Two Dead

A Colorado Springs community is in shock after a deadly early morning accident near the intersection of Carefree and Picturesque Circle. Details are sparse and who was at fault is still under investigation, but what is known is that around 8am Monday morning two women were struck by an SUV while pushing a baby stroller across the street.

The accident was witnessed by several people, including a pair of middle-school children who quickly ran to get help. Other witnesses rushed to the aid of the injured women and helped rescue the baby from the destroyed stroller. The two women were pronounced dead at the scene, but miraculously the baby is expected to survive.

What May Have Caused the Fatal Accident in Colorado Springs?

Many residents in the area where the wreck occurred have claimed that the intersection is a dangerous hotspot for traffic accidents. There have already been at least two reports of crashes there within the last few weeks and even more within the last month.

Many cite motorists’ tendencies to speed through the area as a reason for ongoing concern. Add to that the fact that there is a lot of foot traffic from multiple schools and churches but no traffic lights and few crosswalks and disasters are bound to occur.

Carefree Circle also exists on a hill which creates a ‘blind corner’ for approaching cars. If that car is speeding through this blind spot, the chance for a pedestrian to get out of the way in time is very unlikely. Some have even speculated that the morning sun, which can be blinding to drivers headed east at that time, may have played in to the tragedy.

While it’s easy to speculate, judgment has to be withheld until all the facts are known. And our thoughts should be with all those affected by the horrific accident.

Accident Attorneys Colorado Springs

No one expects to be in an accident, and that’s what makes them so devastating. The unexpected grief can be overwhelming, but if the accident was due to someone else’s negligence, the financial burden shouldn’t be.

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