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Accidents That Cause Gas Leaks Spread the Danger of Injury

We’ve shared a lot of stories of the ramifications that car accidents have on the people involved. Injuries range from minor scrapes and bruises to lifelong disability and can be experienced by everyone involved in the accident. But a few recent incidents in Colorado Springs have shown that accidents can also affect more than just the people inside the vehicles.

Over the weekend a car smashed through a fence and careened into the parking lot of several townhomes. The car didn’t stop until it finally crashed into a gas meter, and that’s when an even greater damage began to spread throughout the nearby homes.

According to a witness, “You could hear the gas hissing… I’ve never seen this happen before.” Firefighters quickly responded and had to evacuate several of the homes as the gas levels escalated. Fortunately, the leaking gas didn’t ignite and cause anymore damage or worse, take any lives. Colorado Springs utility workers quickly made a temporary fix to stop the leak.

Auto accidents can cause gas leaks that can endanger entire neighborhoods.A similar accident occurred in Colorado Springs over the summer, only this time it was in a commercial area with several businesses. Construction crews working in the area hit a gas line and filled the nearby shops with dangerous fumes. Several shops were evacuated while emergency crews attempted to clamp the gas line and prevent any life-threatening explosions.

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Accidents always impact more people than anyone would expect. It’s not just those that were injured but also their families, friends, and community. And it’s not always just the physical trauma that can be overwhelming; the financial stress can be too. Filing a successful injury accident claim can help you recover the money damages you deserve and keep you from being buried under bills and expenses.

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