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Hospital Closed for a Week After Water Sickens Over a Dozen

The employees at Memorial Hospital in Printers Park Medical Plaza noticed something very strange about the building’s water earlier in the week. The water apparently had an odd color and odor, and it wasn’t long before over a dozen people started feeling sick.

Nearly 17 people were ultimately taken to the hospital’s emergency department where they were treated for nausea and other similar symptoms. The El Paso County Public Health Department was immediately called and quickly launched an investigation into the water quality problem. According to a spokesperson for the department, ‘The main thing right now is for our agency to sort through the details and determine the facts, then go from there.’

The building that reported the tainted water included an outpatient surgery department as well as a cardiac and pulmonary rehab center. The building will be closed while the investigation into why the water sickened so many continues. According to a press release from the hospital, ‘The closure affects hundreds of patients and dozens of employees, and Memorial recognizes this might be inconvenient. The decision, however, is driven by our commitment to patient safety and the safety of our staff.’

The hospital plans to reopen after a week and is trying to reschedule any appointment in the mean time. They also warned that any patient or visitor to the facility that began feeling ill should speak to a nurse or seek emergency treatment.

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The details of who was sickened and exactly why they got sick are still sparse. But we do know many had to receive emergency treatment, which is never cheap. If it’s found that someone else’s negligence caused their illness, they may be entitled to receive compensation to cover their expenses.

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