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Tire Defects Can Lead to Fatal Auto Accidents

Rollovers are an often overlooked danger for SUV owners. We’ve discussed the risks before, and as the winter months approach the possibility of a Colorado Springs rollover accident is only going to increase. Driver error always has to be considered, but the likelihood of defects and design flaws can’t be ignored.

Tire failure can lead to disasters, especially when an SUV is traveling at high speeds, and that seems to be what happened in a deadly rollover crash last week. Four women were traveling in an SUV along Interstate 25 last Friday when the tread separated from a rear tire and sent the vehicle out of control. The SUV rolled several times and all four women were ejected. Tragically, one Colorado Springs woman was pronounced dead at the scene and three others were rushed to local hospitals with serious injuries.

The investigation continues, but officials believe that a tire malfunction caused the fatal accident. Defective tires can usually be linked to negligence during manufacturing. Sometimes improper safety measures allow dirt, grime, and moisture to find their way into the mix which is then formed into the tire. This deficiency in the bonded rubber can cause tread separation and lead to wrecks similar to the rollover in Colorado Springs.

Wrongful death attorneys explain how tire defects cause wrecks in Colorado Springs.What Should You Do If An Auto Defect Caused Your Accident in Colorado Springs?

When it comes to defective part claims, like malfunctioning seatbelts and airbags, tire blowouts, and flawed brakes, auto manufacturers are going to try to sweep the truth under the rug to save face and save money. Don’t be intimidated. If their negligence caused an accident that took the life of someone you love, you have every right to seek compensation. But you don’t have to fight alone.

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Colorado Springs

Fighting auto manufacturers takes experience and a vast knowledge of auto accident litigation. The Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers at Heuser & Heuser have been serving the families of wrongful death victims since 1985 and are ready to serve you and your family, too.

If you have suffered a serious injury or had a loved one killed because of a motor vehicle defect, let Heuser & Heuser seek justice on your behalf. We’re ready to provide a FREE legal consultation, but you need to contact us right away.

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