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Woman Seeks Justice After Devastating Hit and Run

Stories of pedestrian accidents are always some of the most heartbreaking to share. Just within the past several months Colorado Springs has been the setting for multiple accidents involving pedestrians and none leave a community more upset than hit-and-runs. Despite the severe penalties and sheer heartlessness of leaving the scene of an injury accident, it still happens. One Colorado Springs woman who was the recent victim of a senseless hit-and-run is seeking justice.

I heard the truck, I did… I figured it was going around me, never thought it was going to hit me.’ This was the 26-year-old remembering the moments just before she was struck by a truck along Yucatan Drive.

In late October, the young woman was going for a brisk run and never thought it would change her life forever. A truck hit her from behind, leaving her seriously injured on the side of the road. But the driver of the truck would never have known how badly she was hurt because they never slowed down and never stopped to check if she was ok… or even alive.

She would be receiving treatment for the next four days and potentially more serious operations in the future since bones in her back were shattered and she may have suffered life-altering nerve damage. For the last several weeks, she’s been in a body brace which has not only limited her mobility but made it impossible to continue her work as a nurse.

Now she only hopes that the person who ran her down will have the conscience to come forward. ‘I just don’t understand how someone can leave me on the side of the road like that.’

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