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Hit-and-Run Accidents Outside a Bar Lead to Multiple Injuries

It seems like not much time passes without hearing about a pedestrian that was involved in a Colorado Springs injury accident. Even with multiple crosswalks throughout the city, it’s difficult for a pedestrian to keep themselves safe from motorists who have recklessly decided to drink and drive. This weekend the Springs saw multiple hit-and-run accidents in which alcohol may have been a factor.

Bars can often be a hotspot for accidents, especially around closing time on the weekend. Early Sunday morning, a massive fight broke out in the parking lot at a local bar. What sparked the fight isn’t known. What is known is that some of the men involved hopped into a vehicle and ran down a pedestrian as they took off out of the parking lot.


Several other patrons came to the aid of the accident victim, not knowing that they were about to become victims themselves. Another car slammed into the gathering crowd as it sped out of the parking lot and left many of the unsuspecting pedestrians with multiple injuries including at least one shattered leg.

Both of the reckless drivers fled the scene and have yet to be brought to justice. Since they didn’t stick around after committing their crimes, it can’t be said for sure if they were in fact intoxicated at the time of the accidents. But it can still serve as a reminder to be extra cautious when you’re a pedestrian in a situation where drivers may be drinking.

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