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Sharing the Road with Commercial Trucks Takes Caution and Care

In the past we’ve shard several stories about accidents that involved big trucks. Unfortunately, these accidents usually have a grim outcome and serve as a reminder that sharing the roads with commercial trucks comes with dangers that can’t be ignored. Like so many truck accidents, a recent wreck in rural Colorado has affected not only the lives of those involved but will have a lifelong effect on their families as well.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, a man was driving along a two-lane road when he drifted into the wrong lane. An 18-wheeler was approaching in the opposite direction but didn’t see the other driver in time to avoid an accident. The vehicles collided, and the impact forced both off the road.

Emergency crews soon responded. The truck driver was taken to the hospital after suffering minor injuries, but sadly the injuries the other driver sustained were fatal and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities have ruled out speeding, drugs, and alcohol as factors in the wreck.

How Can You Avoid a Colorado Springs Truck Accident?

Not all accidents are avoidable, but you can reduce the risks. Be extra alert when approaching commercial trucks. Avoid a large truck’s blind spots by remembering that if you can’t see a truck’s mirrors – they can’t see you. Trucks swing wide when turning, so give them plenty of room when you see them preparing to make a turn. Also, avoid cutting in front of a large truck since it takes them a lot more distance to stop than other vehicles. It all comes back to simply paying extra attention when traveling around commercial trucks. You can’t always account for what the truck driver is going to do, so you need to be prepared for anything.

Big Truck Accident Attorneys in Colorado Springs

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