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Stay Safe While Driving in Wintery Conditions

It’s December and that means it’s the holiday season. But the holiday season doesn’t just bring Thanksgiving and Christmas it also brings winter and along with it… snow and ice. It’s pretty obvious that this is the reason that car crashes are so much more common during the winter months, so it’s important to adjust to avoid a car accident.

When there’s snow and ice on the road the best thing to do is to slow down and not follow too closely behind other cars. Sudden braking and accelerating can lead to disaster, and you should also avoid using your cruise control.

Watch out for road closures caused by blizzards and never drive around road blocks. You’re going to see a lot of Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) snowplows that are trying to clear roads. Don’t pass them on the right side as they are moving huge amounts of snow. If they are blocking the road, they’re probably clearing avalanches or other disasters and you shouldn’t go around them.

Avoid a car accident during the winter in Colorado Springs.

There’s always the chance that you may find yourself stranded, so you should always have your car stocked with a blanket, food, water, warm clothing, cell phone, flashlight, and a full tank of gas.

The best thing you should do before you even get on the road is to check the conditions so you can be prepared for the weather and be aware of any road closures.

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Let safety always be your top priority when driving. But if you do get into a Colorado Springs car accident, talk to an experienced injury lawyer to find out your rights.

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