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No Matter Who’s at Fault, Accidents Affect Everyone Involved

Rarely do we have the chance to see an accident coming. Colorado Springs auto accidents often come out of nowhere, blindsiding us, and leaving us disorientated and confused. On occasion you’ll see a car driving erratically or careening out of control, but unfortunately you still may not have time to avoid a devastating collision.

On Saturday, two women were in a pickup truck driving along Constitution Avenue when they saw an oncoming car swerving in and out of their lane. The erratic driving of the approaching car was too difficult to predict, and despite the efforts of the woman driving the truck, the two vehicles collided head-on. The driver of the car, along with their passenger, was left with left-threatening injuries. The two women in the pickup were also seriously injured in the accident.

The family of the driver of the pickup recall what it was like passing the accident site as they headed to the hospital. “Once we got pretty close [to the accident scene] we saw [the truck] was my aunt’s and it didn’t look good at all. Thank God they were wearing their seat belts… they’re doing ok, they’re strong, they’ll do [well] and I just hope for the best for the other people.” We join then in hoping for a swift recovery for everyone involved.

An investigation into the Springs wreck will continue as authorities seek to determine if alcohol or drugs were a factor.

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