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Reckless Drivers Do More Than Just Break the Law

We often hear about car accidents caused by weather conditions, impaired operation, or distracted driving.  All of these serious incidents can have serious consequences, but they aren’t the only causes. A recent car accident in Colorado Springs involved a man driving a stolen car while being pursued by Colorado Springs Police Officers. They were alerted to the situation by local bail bondsmen who were looking for the man after he jumped bail a month ago.

To make the situation worse, the driver of the stolen car entered the north bound lane but drove south. Unbelievably, the driver and his vehicle were the only ones involved in the accident, and the driver got away relatively uninjured. In fact, it appears he ran from the scene of the accident and had to be pursued on foot by police. But he was eventually caught.

Reckless drivers cause too many accidents in Colorado Springs.

Every time we enter the public roadways we are sharing the roadways with others. Fortunately we usually are out there with other good drivers, but sometimes we are out there with those who put us at great risk. That is why we must be vigilant in our cars and trucks when we are out driving. You can never know for sure when danger is coming.

Just imagine the devastation that could have been cause by this reckless driver. Lives could have been changed forever, or possibly ended. The rights of victims who were harmed by the actions of others include compensation for medical bills, lost wages from lost time at work, and consideration for pain and suffering. When it comes to determining who is responsible for accidents, police investigators and insurance adjusters may or may not come to the same conclusion. That is why it is crucial to have competent representation if you have been involved in a car or truck accident in Colorado Springs or the surrounding area.

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