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Your House Has Been Hit By a Drunk Driver – Now What?

I’m pretty worked up about the situation, getting your house crashed into isn’t an everyday occurrence.” This was the statement a Colorado Springs woman told reporters after an SUV slammed into her home early Monday morning. While she’s right that having a vehicle crash into your house doesn’t happen every day, it does happen more often than you’d think — especially when drinking is involved.

According to witnesses, a man in an SUV lost control of his vehicle and careened over the sidewalk, hit a parked car, broke down a fence, and finally came to a stop after smashing into the front porch of a house. The parked car that the SUV hit was pushed through the wall of a stucco home; on the other side of that wall was a sleeping woman. The headboard of her bed was shattered, striking her in the head.

The woman is lucky that the parked car was there to absorb most of the impact or the SUV might have plowed directly into her bedroom. Even though it could have been worse, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the woman began showing symptoms of a concussion shortly after the wreck. The driver of the SUV has been charged with a DUI and may be facing more serious charges depending on the severity of the woman’s injuries.

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Drunk drivers can cause all sorts of damage, not just to property, but to people as well. The driver of the SUV may not face criminal charges, but that doesn’t mean the injured woman can’t seek compensation for her head injury. She has the right to file a personal claim against the driver, and if you’re involved in similar accident you have that right as well.

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