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2012 Saw an Increase in Fatal Accidents. Will 2013 Be Better?

We’re a month into February which means that crash statistics from the last year are beginning to be released. Everyone hopes that the number of accidents will decrease year by year, since every year with fewer tragedies is a good one. Unfortunately Colorado Springs saw a sharp rise in deadly accidents in 2012, a trend that hopefully won’t continue through the next eleven months.

Last year in Colorado Springs there were a total of thirty-two lives lost in twenty-eight accidents. When compared to 2011, those numbers mean that traffic fatalities rose by a staggering 29%. A large majority of these deadly accidents involved pedestrians. There were three times as many fatal pedestrian accidents last year than in the previous one as thirteen pedestrians lost their lives on Colorado Springs’ roads. Hopefully this year will be better, but unfortunately we were already discussing a Pueblo man was who killed while crossing the street just last week.

Authorities in the Springs are ratcheting up efforts this year in order to protect drivers and pedestrians by having more motorcycle enforcement officers and major accident units patrol interstates and streets in the area. But safety ultimately falls on the drivers themselves. A police Lieutenant in the Specialized Enforcement Division has offered a warning to the public, “We’re asking everybody just to pay attention and be more alert and cautious to their driving.” It’s a simple message and one that could save lives.

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