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Evidence is the Foundation of Building a Successful Injury Case

Last October we shared the tragic story of a fatal pedestrian accident in Colorado Springs that took two lives and left an infant seriously injured. The accident occurred at the intersection of Carefree and Picturesque Circle, which despite their cheerful names has been a known hotspot for accidents for some time. Speeding has often been to blame as well as several blind corners, but when we shared the story, few details about the cause of the accident were available. Now, months later, a clearer picture has been painted.

Charges were eventually brought against the woman who was driving the vehicle that struck the two pedestrians as well as the stroller one of them was pushing. She was charged with two counts of “careless driving resulting in death, one count of careless driving resulting in injury and two counts of failure to yield.” But Monday morning the case against her was dropped due to a “lack of evidence.” According to the prosecutor, “We didn’t have enough evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

A Chattanooga wrongful death case is thrown out because of lack of evidence.The surviving families have criticized both the police and prosecutors for mishandling their case and believed the driver should have been held accountable. According to a victim’s father, “I know that putting her in prison would do nothing to bring my daughter back. But to turn around and to say she did nothing wrong? That’s just wrong.”

The driver blamed the deadly crash on the fact that the sun had blinded her, a justification that the victim’s family doesn’t accept. According to a loved one, “What does that teach somebody? That you say, ‘The sun was in my eyes,’ and they let you off?” The families are still seeking justice and have filed civil wrongful death suits against the driver.

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Evidence is crucial when building a successful case and proving negligence on behalf of a person or persons. An experienced Colorado Springs wrongful death lawyer will be able to gather all the necessary evidence to prove your loved one’s death was more than an accident.

If you’ve lost a loved one in an accident, put Heuser & Heuser on your side. They have a proven track record in settling wrongful death claims and are ready to take on your case. But contact us right away. Important evidence disappears the longer you wait.

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