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Few Accidents Are as Senseless as Hit-and-Runs

In Southern Colorado, few crimes are as senseless and malicious as hit-and-run accidents. These accidents require not only negligence on the part of the driver, but also a sense of cowardice as they don’t even stick around to take responsibility for their actions. It’s bad enough to drive off after bumping into a parked car or other inanimate objects, but when a driver flees after hitting another human being, it’s truly atrocious.

A Pueblo family was already struggling to care for a loved one who was the victim of a devastating hit-and-run when they were dealt an even more heartbreaking blow – their family member passed away from his injuries earlier in the week.

In late January, their loved one was attempting to cross the street in Pueblo. He was blindsided by a pickup truck, which sped away, leaving him on the road with serious injuries. The man was rushed to the hospital having suffered a life-threatening traumatic head injury. Sadly, after a week long fight he succumbed to his injuries.

The truck that hit him is described as a ‘1990s model, regular cab, full-size truck… maroon in color with a 2-inch silver stripe down the sides.’ It may also have a ‘tool box and possibly an extra cab.’ Anyone with information on the accident is asked to contact the Pueblo Police Department.

Colorado Springs Wrongful Death Attorneys

When someone is killed in Colorado Springs by the negligence of another person or persons it is considered a wrongful death. As the family of a wrongful death victim you have the right to file a suit against the responsible parties. You’ve already suffered emotionally; you shouldn’t be burdened financially as well.

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