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Gas Leaks After an Accident Make a Dangerous Situation Worse

Back in November we discussed a frightening situation that occurred when an out-of-control car careened into the parking lot of several Springs’ townhomes. An uncontrolled car is dangerous enough, but the true hazard came when the car crashed into a gas meter. Ultimately the townhomes all had to be evacuated as highly flammable fumes filled the area.

Similar accidents may seem to be just freak occurrences, but as we noted previously, it’s a bit more common than you might think. Residents at a Colorado Springs’ fourplex found this out over the weekend when they had to rush from their homes in the middle of the night after an SUV slammed into their building and severed a gas line.

Apparently a young man was nearby, attempting to jump his SUV when his emergency brake failed. To his horror, the SUV rolled down a small hill and made a beeline for the fourplex on Stonedike Drive. The SUV soon crashed through a wall where it ruptured a gas line. Fumes quickly began to fill the building and the fast-thinking residents quickly left their homes for fear of an explosion.

Colorado Springs Utilities soon arrived on the scene and shut off the gas as well as power to the building. A HAZMAT crew and local firefighters worked quickly to clear the gas and monitor the levels. Fortunately no one was injured and what could have been an explosive situation was resolved by cool heads and swift action.

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The widespread repercussions of Colorado Springs auto accidents are felt not only by those involved, but often by their friends and families and sometimes the entire community as well. If you or a loved one has been injured, the physical toll it takes can be immeasurable, but your family doesn’t have to go through it alone.

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