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Truck Accidents Don’t Just Occur in the City, the Country As Well

In the last few weeks we discussed a lot of accidents that have happened in and around downtown Colorado Springs. It seems obvious as to why more accidents occur here – there are a lot of motorists in passenger cars and a lot of big trucks as well. It’s just a fact that with more drivers, the more likely there is to be a serious wreck. But you don’t have to go very far outside of the Springs before you’re driving on rural roads, and even these less-traveled roads aren’t immune to accidents.

Saturday night a deadly collision occurred on a rural highway when a man collided with a semi-truck. According to the Colorado State police a 65-year-old began driving the wrong way down Highway 40. A tractor trailer saw the car quickly approaching but was unable to avoid the accident. The vehicles collided and were both forced off the road. The truck driver was left with minor injuries, but the other car caught fire and took the life of the driver inside.

The accident is still under investigation and it hasn’t yet been revealed exactly why the man was traveling in the wrong direction. For now it just stands as a sad reminder that we have to be prepared for accidents no matter where we live or travel. Semi-trucks are found everywhere throughout Colorado Springs and being extra cautious around them is even more important since getting into a wreck with a tractor trailer rarely ends well for the people in passenger cars.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Colorado Springs

Trucking companies are required to maintain their vehicles and their drivers have to be certified by the Department of Transportation. Unfortunately, some companies cut corners, either in poor maintenance of their trucks or the improper training of their drivers. In the event of a serious truck accident, you can be sure their insurance company is also going to try to pay you as little as possible.

That’s why after a Colorado Springs truck accident you’ll want an experienced commercial truck accident attorney to fight for you. Heuser & Heuser serve the people of Southern Colorado and help them receive the justice and compensation they deserve. So, if you’ve been injured in a truck accident, contact Heuser & Heuser and let us get started on your claim today.

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