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An Apology Can Be a Powerful Gesture to a Mourning Family

Last week a man stood in front of a courtroom and addressed a mourning family. He attempted to speak to them in Spanish, a language he barely knew, because he wanted them to hear his apology without having to go through an interpreter. Last May, he had struck their son with his pickup and took his life – now he was ready to accept his sentencing.

The man was driving down Circle Drive when he and the eighth-grader collided. The teen was left seriously injured, and even worse, the driver fled the scene. The young man was rushed to the hospital where he tragically passed away from his injuries.

The hit-and-run driver would later claim that he left the scene because he didn’t have a license and was afraid of getting in trouble. If there was one consistent thing in his past, it was trouble. His lengthy criminal history including six felony convictions such as “aggravated motor vehicle theft, attempted motor vehicle theft, menacing, eluding police and first-degree assault.” He was even labeled a habitual traffic offender in 1992.

But he wasn’t able to hide from his past, and he definitely wasn’t able to hide from the consequences of the deadly hit-and-run. Evidence including shards of his vehicle found at the scene and anonymous tips eventually led police directly to him.

He knew he was caught and knew he was busted. He didn’t want to put the family through a lengthy trial, so he refused to fight his charges and pleaded guilty in court. He’ll be spending thirty-six years in prison. The surviving family was grateful for the apology and the fact that he’s taking responsibility.

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